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06 June 2012 @ 09:29 pm

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Few Facts you need to know about me~

♪You can just call me Faye or whatever you want to call me!xD
♪This journal contains mostly about JE boys, rants about real life and other random stuffs!XD
♪My number one Johnny's group will forever be ♥NEWS♥
♪My ichiban and hubby is MASUDA TAKAHISA!!!<3
{C}{C}♪ My niban is either: IKUTA TOMA or KATO SHIGEAKI
♪Gotta love Massu's BFF too, NAKAMARU YUICHI!
♪My ototou/son-in-law is MORIMOTO RYUTARO!
♪I flail for other JE groups/boys too like HSJ, Sexy Zone,
Kattun, Kisumai, Kanjani8, etc.
♪My OTPs are TomaPi, RyoMassu,
ShigeMassu, NakaMassu, MassuPi and most especially MassuFaye<3 XD (Yes..I ship Massu with everyone/a lot of people~ >XD)
♪You can also see me posting at newstalgia and ikuta_a_day (Please join these lovely communities!<3)
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